Frequently Asked Questions

My hat is too loose and falls often, what should I do?

For great convenience, most of our hats are made with straps that are easy to fasten in windy weather. We also offer (circular plugs) which reduce the size.

How do I choose my size correctly?

You can find out the size of your hat by taking a tape measure or string and wrapping it around your head, just above your eyebrows and above the top of your ears. This method will show your exact size for standard hat wear.

If you want to wear your hat (Halo), please measure your head in the part where you would wear it, namely a little above the crown and around the nape. For sizing and conversion, please check our size chart.

How do I care for my hat?

Remove dust and loose dirt with a soft brush, starting on the left side of the hat and brushing counterclockwise. If you need to remove something sticky, we recommend a small wet cloth and soak with water. Do not expose the hat to heat and water. This can cause the material to shrink.

Can I wear my hat when it rains?

It is not advisable to expose the hats to rain, more than drizzle, as this can damage their integrity.

1. If the hat is wet, let it dry, then take a piece of fabric and carefully smooth the edge with an iron.

2. If the hat is too damaged and the previous option is not suitable, please contact us to do everything necessary for it.

Do you make custom hats?

We can custom make hat. Customization includes specific crown shape, brim lengths, hatbands, finishes, decoration, colors, etc. Contact us or click here -> Custom Made

How much is shipping?

The delivery of our hats is carried out via the courier company "ECONT" or "Speedy" to a personal address or the office of the courier company after confirmation of the phone number you specified when ordering. Delivery prices are covered by the customer and the amount may vary.

Am I entitled to an inspection and test upon delivery?

Yes ! For every order through the site, everyone has the right to a sample and test on the spot.