Reuse Reduse Recycle

Reuse Reduse Recycle

  1. Reduce your environmental footprint and give your old hats a new life with our recycling program. You'll not only be helping the planet, but also saving money
  2. Don't throw away your old hats - recycle and reuse them! Our program offers a range of options to repurpose your hats, from donating to local charities to upcycling into new accessories.
  3. Upgrade your hat collection while reducing waste with our special offers on recycled hats. You'll feel good about your purchase knowing it's eco-friendly and sustainable.
  4. Join our hat recycling initiative and make a positive impact on the environment. We'll reward your effort with special discounts on your next purchase.
  5. Give your old hats a second chance and save money at the same time! Our recycling program offers special trade-in values for your old hats towards new purchases.
  6. Looking for a unique and eco-conscious accessory? Our recycled hats are one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase your style and commitment to sustainability.
  7. Say goodbye to cluttered closets and hello to a cleaner planet with our hat recycling program. Enjoy exclusive discounts on your next purchase when you recycle with us.
  8. Our hat recycling program is more than just a good deed - it's a smart investment in a better future. With special offers and rewards, you'll be motivated to keep giving back.
  9. Don't let your old hats go to waste - join our recycling program and make a difference. You'll be amazed at the creative ways we can repurpose your hats!
  10. Together we can make a difference in reducing waste and preserving our planet.
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Join our hat recycling and reuse campaign and receive exclusive discounts and offers

There is our prices for refurbishing and recycling 

*Hat washing - (If the hat is very dirty) before it is processed and shaped (10 euros)

*Decoration of your choice (25 euros)Choice of form - (12 euros)

*Restoration of old form without decorations. (100 euros)

*Made entirely to the shape and size of the old hat. This includes:Washing, Choice of size and shape, Choice of decoration - (150 euros)

*Fine cleaning and restoration of shape straightening and periphery, small decoration (100 euros)Send a photo of your old hat and we'll tell you what we can do for it

.Email us at:, we will advise you what is best for your hat.

Depending on the complexity of the repair, the time for its renewal is determined Between 5 - 9 days!